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Lifestyle EducationTM

Even when facing adverse health outcomes, lifestyle behavior change is extremely difficult. We have developed an exclusive lifestyle education program that lowers your disease risk by teaching you how to control your weight for life!

                                        The LifeWeighs® Team
BetterWeighs® Lifestyle EducationTM
Our exclusive curriculum of behavior modification techniques and motivational support is designed to facilitate a rewarding journey to permanent lifestyle and health behavior change. BetterWeighs® Lifestyle Education explores your relationship with food; teaches you to expertly navigate our complex food environment; provides you with practical nutrition and fitness education; and facilitates permanent lifestyle behavior change through comprehensive skill building. Wellness coaching is available in small groups or one-to-one.

Phase I - RestorationTM 

(8 weekly sessions)

Restores your confidence in your ability to change. You will explore your relationship with food and physical activity; be introduced to tools for achieving permanent weight control; learn strategies and techniques for managing emotional eating; and begin the process of modeling lifestyle behaviors that will lead to your weight management goals.

Phase II - TransformationTM
(8 bi-weekly sessions)
Transforms your nutrition and fitness behaviors. The LifeWeighs® Team interactively supports you in the implementation of personalized health and wellness strategies. 

Phase III - IntegrationTM

(6 monthly sessions)

Strengthens your commitment to maintaining new lifestyle behaviors. The LifeWeighs® Team continues to support comprehensive skill-buiding by facilitating the integration of mindful nutrition and fitness decision-making with your life demands.

Find out how wellness coaching reduces weight-related health risks!

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