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Wellness Coaching is a form of health education and health promotion that focuses on reducing weight-related health risks. A certified LifeWeighs® Wellness Coach works with you to improve lifestyle factors including, stress, nutrition, fitness, and management of life issues that impact your weight.

                                     The LifeWeighs® Team
                            The LifeWeighs® Team
The LifeWeighs® Approach
Overcoming years of destructive eating habits, and their associated cues, may seem impossible. The LifeWeighs® Team provides you with skills, tools and personalized lifestyle behavior change strategies as we support you in reaching your weight management goals. 

Working with The LifeWeighs® Team restores intentional eating and purposeful movement. A close partnerships with your Wellness Coach provides insight, inspiration, structure and accountability. 

Empowered with new skills and effective tools, you will expertly navigate complex food environments, maintain a balanced perspective of the role of food and physical activity in your life, and discover the joy of living comfortably in your body.
How Wellness Coaching Works

The LifeWeighs® Team assists you with developing personal weight management goals and implementing your lifestyle behavior change plans by:

  • Accepting and meeting you where you are today
  • Guiding you in trusting and gaining confidence in your intuition
  • Addressing emotional and physical health together
  • Helping you set realistic goals
  • Helping you view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow
  • Inspiring you to go beyond what you would do alone

Experience increased confidence and motivation as you progress toward your goal of reducing health risks by establishing healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Our clients say working with us is a huge relief because they've finally found a successful way to 
achieve permanent weight loss and reduce their weight-related health risks. 
They're the healthiest they've been in their adult lives and they feel great about themselves!

Find out how wellness coaching reduces weight-related health risks!

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NO packaged meals ** NO supplements

NO packaged meals ** NO supplements

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NO packaged meals ** NO supplements